"There was something about the word itself that was magical. Cabeswater. Something old and enigmatic, a word that didn't seem to belong in the New World." - Maggie Stiefvater

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I ventured into the forest this evening hoping for fog, but I got sun instead, and decided to try and make the most of it. I still can’t believe this is ten minutes from my new apartment.

San Francisco, CA. September 2014.


Blue Lily, Lily Blue Book Trailer: What Do You See?


the finished trailer! book releases October 21st in the U.S., available wherever books are books.

Pre-order signed and doodled in copies from Fountain Bookstore.

Signed bookplates in Canada from Mabel’s Fables & in the UK from Seven Stories.


written by Maggie Stiefvater, performed by M. Stiefvater & Kate Hummel

recorded by Matt Montoro at Third Stream Studio Ta-da! The finished track.

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The Raven Cycle Secret Santa is a friendly gift exchanging event for the holiday season, all focused around the characters/story of Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Cycle!

How can I join? 

By filling out this really easy survey! The deadline to fill it out is October 31st! Assignments will be given out by November 12th! Once you get your secret santa, you can make ANY kind of fan work! So, fanmixes, fan art, fanfiction, graphics, etc etc! 


Sign up’s close: October 31st
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That’s fine! While it’s preferred that you say you’re dropping out as early as possible, if you find out you are busy/don’t have the time for it, send us an ask and we’ll either re-assign your partner or make them a present! 

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Here on tumblr or AO3 (if fanfiction) is preferable! You should also tag it with your secret santa’s url and trcsecretsanta so that way we can reblog it here! 

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That’s fine!!! Send us an ask and we’ll get to it right away!!! 

"That’s not what Gansey is to me," Ronan said.

"You didn’t say you don’t swing that way."

Ronan was silent. Thunder growled under his feet. “No, I didn’t.”


It wasn’t going to be him and her.
It wasn’t going to be him and Gansey.
There was no more not here, not now. It was here. It was now.
It was just going to be him and Cabeswater.
I am unknowable.

Because Niall Lynch was a forest fire, a rising sea, a car crash, a closing curtain, a blistering symphony, a catalyst with planets inside him. 

And he had given all of that to his middle son.

LIT MEME: [1/2 antagonists] » Joseph Kavinsky

"Here’s the thing, Lynch. When I said with me or against me, I didn’t really think you’d pick against me."